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Burnt Bails cricket is an independent blog featuring the general ramblings of a cricket fan on anything to do with the game. From international to domestic, professional to amateur, square to armchair, all views are welcome. If you have a view you would like to share, please contact us. We’re happy to publish guest articles, as long as they meet our editorial criteria of being balanced in view and not overstepping the boundaries of decency. We’re firm believers in the old saying that “if it’s just not cricket” it’s probably not appropriate and it’s certainly not for us!

Cricket as a game is greatly enhanced by the genial rivalry and friendship between opposing fans, something we hope this blog can help to celebrate. Some of our best experiences at matches have come from the hospitality and friendship of rival fans. The experience of being at the Oval in South London, with a visiting West Indies team in the 1970’s and 1980’s was one to behold. A real carnival of cricket, in no small part helped along by the more liberal alcohol laws back then.

With a history spanning back many hundreds of years, there are many wonderful stories to uncover. Many great books written about the game by those who have watched and played it. One of our passions is uncovering the words of yester-year to understand how the game was played.

On a more humorous note, there have been some truly comical moments in cricket. Who can ever forget the Test Match Special ‘leg over’ incident!

Please do share your own views on any of our articles, or get in touch if you have more you would like to say.