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ICC Champions Trophy – Cricketeer Volunteers

ICC Champions Trophy – Cricketeer Volunteers

ICC Champions Trophy

ICC Champions Trophy

The ICC Champions Trophy is fast approaching and like most major sporting events now, its success will to some degree be dependent on the support of an army of volunteers. Those volunteers have been labelled ‘cricketeers’ by the ICC. This will be my second major sporting event as a volunteer. With the tournament now only 5 weeks away, excitement is building!

I chose to get involved because I love cricket and I love the interaction between fans. This website evolved as a result of banter I had with an Australian cricket fan (and now friend) about 12 years ago. With so many international events now relying on volunteers, why should you consider getting involved in future sporting events as a volunteer?

Cricketeers fill a number of roles across the event organisation. The role the majority of fans will encounter is that of ‘spectator services’. The team that is responsible for being the fan-facing ‘army’ of volunteers there to help ensure fans have a smooth enjoyable day out. They will be positioned at every main access point and around each stadium, helping fans with everything from the nearest pub to the nearest toilet. And every conceivable question in between! They are without a doubt the team of volunteers that will have most interaction with fans from all the teams involved. If you like talking to people and helping people, it is a great role.

Volunteer Roles

Volunteer roles also include transport (driving the VIP guests!), accreditation, media, hospitality and event activation. Having been involved as part of the spectator services at Rugby World Cup 2015, i’m part of the event activation team at the ICC Champions Trophy. Our role is to help bring the event to life for fans, players and the media and the full-time team managing this aspect have some exciting ideas lined up. We spent a day at the Oval earlier in April learning more about the role and what is required of us. It is a hugely exciting opportunity and one from which I expect to learn a lot.

As volunteers, we have no expectation of watching any of the matches. If we get to see any of the games, it is a bonus. But we get huge satisfaction from being part of a major international sporting event. Yes we give up our time for free. But we get a ‘money can’t buy’ experience in return. And we get to keep the uniform after the event!

My Cricketeer Highlights So Far

The tournament is still ahead of us, but for me, highlights so far include:

  • getting to see the Champions Trophy and Women’s World Cup at my interview;
  • meeting my cricketeer colleagues at my training day at The Oval and getting a ‘behind the scenes’ tour that included the media facilities;
  • getting my uniform – you won’t be able to miss the cricketeers at the matches!

If you are heading to a match in June, please do use the cricketeers for any help or advice you need. Our primary role is to ensure the fans have a great experience on match days.


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